Digital Content, Pricing Are Pluses

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5. Consumers are warming to other tablets

The iPad 2 is selling like gangbusters, and most analysts believe that will continue in the coming weeks and months. However, according to IDC, 53.5 million tablets will ship this year, indicating that consumers are willing to buy something other than an iPad. For Amazon, that's a good thing, since it has the benefit of its name, plus all of its other, aforementioned trump cards. Amazon's tablet doesn't have a chance to challenge iPad sales this year, but it might lead the way over Android competitors in the fourth quarter.

6. Think about the digital content

One of the key selling points of Apple's products has always been its digital content. The company's iTunes marketplace has helped sell iPods, iPhones and now iPads. And no other company so far has been able to match that. But Amazon is different. The company has an MP3 store and digital video content that people can access. If it can bring that functionality to its tablet and deliver an iTunes-like experience, it might just have the key feature that could put it on an equal footing with Apple.

7. It could win on price

Recent reports surrounding the Amazon tablet suggest that the device will come in at a much cheaper price than the iPad 2. If so, that could benefit Amazon. Sure, at a lower price, it might mean that the device comes with less features, but considering the economy, and the fact that there are many consumers on a budget who don't want to drop $500 for a tablet, offering a competitive offering at a better price could send Amazon's tablet into the hands of many customers.

8. It'll get significant attention

Arguably, the best Android-based tablet on store shelves right now is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The only issue is, after its launch, it was largely forgotten. Even during the lead-up to the launch, it didn't get much attention. The importance of hype cannot be underestimated. It's what helps Apple sell so many iPads. Because of Amazon's brand appeal, the company's tablet should be able to build up quite a bit of  hype. And that should help it sell more units of its device.

9. It'll overshadow Android tablets

Aside from not getting significant attention at launch, Android tablets haven't done much to help their cause after launch. Few companies have been promoting their tablets, and even when they did, the firms didn't do such a good job of it. Amazon, on the other hand, does an extremely fine job of promoting its hardware, particularly the Kindle e-reader, through both traditional marketing and on its site. Rest assured that if Amazon releases a tablet, the device will be on the front page of its site for all to see. That alone is valuable promotion that other devices just don't have.

10. Consider the Kindle

Those who say that the Amazon tablet won't be able to compete with the iPad 2 say that the device will be underpowered and lack features that would appeal to consumers. However, if one considers the Kindle, they will quickly find that that justification makes little sense. The Kindle lacks color, a worthwhile browser and all the other features people love in tablets. Yet, it's a top-selling device on Amazon. If the Kindle, with all of its feature deficiencies, can be a winner, why can't an Amazon tablet with many more features?

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