Verizon, Apple Partnership Puts Google on Defensive

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-10-14 Print this article Print

5. Apple takes over the hype 

Google's Android platform is enjoying hype on Verizon's network right now. More and more people are going to the carrier's stores in the hopes of getting their hands on those Android-based devices they've been hearing about. But with the iPad coming to stores, all that will change. There will be customers coming to Verizon stores looking for Apple's tablet. That alone could hurt Android OS and Android-based devices. 

6. Ubiquity was once Google's advantage 

The reason why Android OS has been so successful over the past couple years is that it has been available on devices running on multiple carrier networks. The market is simply bigger for Android-based devices and Google has capitalized on that fact. But as Apple starts warming to Verizon, the Apple will effectively will double its market. In the process, Google's former advantage of ubiquity will be gone. 

7. Google used to capitalize on AT&T 

Although AT&T carries some Android-based devices, it's not commonly thought of first when folks talk about carriers. Instead, it's defined by the iPhone. For a while, Google was able to capitalize on that, since it had the largest U.S. carrier, Verizon, on its side. But it won't be able to do that any longer. Google now needs AT&T more than ever. And going forward, it will be a real fight for mobile dominance. 

8. Where will the tablets go? 

Several Android-based tablets are scheduled to launch early next year. The only problem is, Google and its hardware partners need to determine how they're going to differentiate those products from the iPad. After all, once that device can run on Verizon's 3G network with a MiFi hotspot, as well as on AT&T's 3G network, there isn't much that the iPad's competitors can say to prove they have better connectivity options. That could be troublesome for those firms and Android OS. 

9. The vendors can't match Apple 

With Apple products sitting on Verizon store shelves, every other vendor on the market will need to step up their game. Comparing a device such as the iPad to a comparable product from any other vendor will quickly reveal one simple truth: Apple's product is better. Realizing that, future Android-based products need to find ways to look better than Apple products. Previously, it didn't matter all that much, since consumers couldn't compare. But now they can. And that's a major problem. 

10. There's nothing Google can do 

Unfortunately for Google, there is really nothing that it can do to stop the Apple-Verizon partnership from happening. Once the iPhone arrives on Verizon's store shelves, Apple will be able to turn up the competitive heat on Google Android. That doesn't bode well for Android's future sales growth. 

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