Android 2.2s Role in Googles Success

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5. It will transition customers to Android 3.0 

Android 2.2 will eventually give way to Android 3.0. When that happens, Google will want to make sure that consumers are excited to see what the next version of the mobile OS will offer. That can only happen if Android 2.2 is well-liked by those customers. Android 2.2 is certainly not the last mobile OS version Google will release. But it will be the gateway to an entirely new version of the software. And its success will have a direct impact on the success of Android 3.0. 

6. Consumers are being pushed in that direction 

As HTC Droid Incredible owners know, more and more vendors are trying to get Android 2.2 to their customers. This is, in part, because it's a better operating system than is Android 2.1. But it's also because it's the next logical step for Android customers. However, when users are pushed in a direction, they expect a certain level of value. It will be interesting to see if the majority of Android customers (who currently aren't running Android 2.2) will see value in Google's latest OS when they are offered it. 

7. The old stuff doesn't work 

Android 1.5 and Android 1.6 might have been fine at one time, but, today, they are hobbled operating systems that deliver little value to customers. And the longer they sit on a user's phone, the harder it will be for Google to get folks to move to Android 2.2. It's just as important for customers to get to Android 2.2 as it is for them to like it. 

8. It's the go-to OS for future devices 

Going forward, several tablets and smartphones running Android 2.2 will be making their way to the market. As Google transitions its customer base to its new operating system, those folks will decide if they really like it or not. If they do, they will tell friends, who might be more likely to pick up one of those new devices. But if they're not satisfied, they might tell others to opt for something else. Google's success today with Android 2.2 will determine the success of future Android-based phones running the software version. 

9. BlackBerry OS 6 is just fine for companies 

Android 2.2 is being billed as the most corporate-friendly version of Android OS in years. That might be true. But it still has a long way to go if Google wants to see it take on the BlackBerry in the enterprise. However, that doesn't mean that the corporate world isn't important. In fact, it could help Android become even more successful. Google needs to start marketing Android 2.2 to the enterprise. It won't help it beat the BlackBerry, but it should help sales considerably. 

10. Sales will dictate success 

Android 2.2 smartphone sales will determine the future success of Google's mobile operating system. Although some folks are excited about Google beating Apple, Android 2.2 has yet to get into the hands of the vast majority of current customers. Once that happens, the industry will get a better understanding of what consumers like and don't like. Then device sales will either increase as consumers find value in the OS, or they will decrease, as consumers find issues with it. In the end, hardware sales will determine the success or failure of Android. And, for now, Android 2.2 will be the key to whether or not consumers choose an Android vendor's product or something else-like something from Apple. 

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