Windows Phone 7 Presents No Competition—for Now

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5. Microsoft is offering little competition 

Microsoft arguably has the best chance of one day overtaking Android. After all, its operating system, Windows Phone, offers the same kind of licensing strategy as Android. However, through 2012, the OS will only be able to muster 5.2 percent share, according to IDC. With Microsoft's poor competition, Android is surging. 

6. Vendor support 

Google's Android platform would be nothing without its vendor support. With this in mind, Google has gone out of its way over the years to bring as many vendor partners into the fold as possible. Once in the Android fold, the search giant has encouraged mobile device makers to invest as heavily as possible into the platform. It was a smart move that's paying serious dividends. 

7. Remember the Google factor 

It's important to acknowledge the value of Google's brand recognition on the success of Android. The search company's brand is trusted among third-party vendors and consumers alike. It's another significant reason why smartphone makers are investing in the platform and another incentive for people to buy Android phones. Without Google's immense resources and market influence, Android wouldn't be Android. 

8. Carrier support 

Carriers have been the secret weapon behind Android's success over the last several years. Companies like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have heavily marketed the operating system, both because of its popularity and their desire to limit Apple's market power. The results have been heavy sales of Android devices. 

9. App support 

When Apple unveiled the App Store, there was concern among analysts and market researchers that an application store that didn't have Apple's name on it might not take off. Now several years later, it's clear that it was a smart move. The number of applications capable of running on a mobile operating system is a key component in the buying decision. Luckily for Google, the Android Market has filled up with high-quality apps, which only improved the operating system's commercial appeal. 

10. Yes, even the enterprise 

There was a time€”not long ago€”that Android was viewed widely as an operating system that IT decision-makers and CIOs would never embrace. However, over the past year, that has changed in a dramatic way. In fact, the corporate world is embracing Android and considering deploying devices running the operating system. Who would have predicted that? 

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