Smartphone Maker Support Keeps Expanding

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-10-12 Print this article Print


6. Apple isn't powerful anymore 

Apple might still be a major player in the mobile market, and it's a company that should be respected. But Google has shown that it can beat Apple at its own game. Granted, the company had to do it with several devices against one, but it did it nonetheless. It has proved to the industry that it can beat Apple without much trouble. 

7. Verizon has doubled down 

The only way an operating system is going to be successful is if major carriers get behind it. Luckily for Google and its vendor partners, that is exactly what has happened. Verizon has been extremely successful in its support for Android. And it has made every indication that it will continue to support the operating system going forward.  Considering Verizon is the top carrier in the United States, that's a good thing. 

8. Google has real focus 

When Google first started marketing Android OS, the company's intentions were unknown. It was still heavily invested in the search and advertising markets, and it wasn't clear how dedicated it really was to mobile technology. But it's clear now. And Android OS has become a key component in Google's strategy. That's good news for the company's partners. And it will likely only help the search giant.

 9. More vendors are joining in 

Motorola's and HTC's success with Android has caused some companies to take notice of Google's operating system. As a result, Google is seeing several new vendors start opting for its operating system over others. For example, Dell's Streak tablet and Aero smartphone both run Android OS. For consumers, the more options available, the better. 

10. The Android Market is growing

Apple's App Store has spurred an entirely new industry in the mobile market. But Google's Android Market, which admittedly has far fewer applications than Apple's store, has been gaining ground. In fact, it currently has most of the top applications available in Apple's marketplace for sale or free download in its store. That only adds to the value of Android OS, and it will make it all the more appealing in the future. 


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