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5. Its community 

Google has built a huge community around its Android platform that has the same level of intensity that Apple enjoys with its own fan base. Although it might not be pleasant to those who don't support Android, it's a key factor in the success of Google's mobile OS. With such a rabid fan base to lean on, Google can count on those folks, who are likely the go-to tech people in their respective social circles, to push Android over all other platforms. It has worked for Apple for years. And now, it's working for Google. 

6. Developers 

Android would have been dead on arrival if Google wasn't able to attract developers to its platform. But thanks to the success of Android-based devices and the realization that there is money to be made in the Android Market, developers are fully supporting the platform. They're enriching the experience of using Android. It's certainly a page out of Apple's book, but it's one that definitely works. 

7. Carrier support 

One of the main reasons why Android has been selling so well is that it's readily available no matter where consumers go. Regardless of which carrier network a user subscribes to, they can find at least one viable, compatible Android phone. That's a key aspect of Android's success. If devices weren't readily available, consumers would opt for other devices. But they are readily available, and Android is benefiting heavily from that. 

8. Apple's AT&T-based iPhone 

Apple's iPhone is undoubtedly the biggest competitor to Android-based devices. And although it's one of the most coveted products on the market, the fact that it's available exclusively to AT&T customers is playing into Google's favor. After all, millions of people around the United States don't want to switch to AT&T. And although they might want the iPhone, they can't have it. That typically pushes them to Android. 

9. Touch functionality 

Apple might have the best touch-screen functionality of any mobile OS provider, but that doesn't mean that the company is alone in that space. Quite the contrary, Android devices feature outstanding touch functionality that in some cases come close to (but not entirely) matching Apple's iPhone offering. That's an important consideration. And it's something that undoubtedly affects buying decisions. 

10. Dedication 

Google didn't simply release Android and wait to see what would happen. The company spent time trying to break into the mobile market, while cultivating relationships with key third parties. The plan worked. And in the process, it proved that Apple wasn't the only company that could pull off a next-gen product in the mobile market.

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