Mobile and Wireless: Apple Manages to Disappoint Customers: 10 Different Ways

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-08-21 Print this article Print
Waiting for a New Mac Pro

Waiting for a New Mac Pro

Apple has been selling the same Mac Pro since 2010. That has resulted in the device looking rather dated, compared with other high-end computers from competing vendors. Petitions have cropped up on Facebook asking Apple for an update on when it'll launch the next Mac Pro. So far, it's stayed tight-lipped. And that's just wrong.
Apple is nearly universally beloved by consumers who see nothing but value in the company's mobile products and computers. To those folks, Apple's products are the absolute best. And no other company—not even Samsung, its arch-nemesis—can come close to matching the iPhone maker. But is all of that Apple love a bit overblown? The company surely offers products that appeal to a certain customer looking for fun features and a nice design. But for other customers, including some of the high-end computer users and the enterprise, the company is a bit of a disappointment. Even if average consumers remove their rose-colored glasses and look at Apple's products objectively, they might discover that the product line is falling short in some respects. From the company's outdated Mac Pro to its archaic policies that aim at keeping customers blindly loyal, the iPhone maker has some work to do if it wants to truly satisfy all customers. This slide show takes a look at some of the issues.
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