Samsung, Apple Antagonism Keeps Both Companies in Spotlight

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5. Quality, quality, quality

If Apple and Samsung were launching subpar products each year, the companies wouldn€™t be nearly as successful as they are. But with each new device comes a high-quality experience that both consumers and enterprise users are happy to use. Samsung and Apple have become synonymous with high quality.

6. Samsung has taken the fight to Apple

Samsung has made it abundantly clear to all who will listen that it wants to beat Apple at its own game. So, it has launched several marketing and advertising initiatives to take the fight directly to Apple. Based on its success around the globe as of late, it seems to have helped in a big way.

7. The patent battles help

One of the smartest things Samsung could have done over the last couple of years is take the legal fight to Apple. The company has been waging wars in patent courts around the world, and although it hasn€™t gotten much to show for it, the move has put it in headlines. And by putting itself in headlines, Samsung has legitimized itself as an Apple competitor.

8. Innovation

As noted earlier, the strong design concepts that are associated with Apple and Samsung products have made them successful. But there€™s also something to be said about the companies€™ desire to be innovative. From unique offerings like Siri from Apple to the addition of big displays and 4G LTE support on Samsung€™s part before they were fashionable, the companies have their fingers on the pulse of what the market holds in the future.

9. The operating systems are well-liked

While the Android platform runs on many different manufacturers€™ smartphones, vendors deliver their unique versions of the software in their own particular models. Luckily for Samsung, its version has been well-received by consumers, who like how simple it is to use, how easily navigable it is and all of the extras the mobile-device maker bundles with it. On the Apple side, it€™s hard to find fault with iOS.

10. The carriers help

Today€™s carriers are trying desperately to attract as many customers as possible. So, they really only focus their time on those products that have the highest likelihood of being successful. Nowadays, that means Apple€™s iPhone and Samsung€™s higher-end smartphones. Carriers are great partners for both Apple and Samsung.

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