Enterprise Mobility: Apple Should Delay the iPhone 5 Until 2012: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-08-17 Print this article Print
The iPhone 4 Is Selling Well

The iPhone 4 Is Selling Well

If Apples iPhone 4 wasnt selling as well as it is, it would make sense for the company to release the iPhone 5 this fall. But the smartphone is selling extremely well. In fact, Apple announced that during the last-reported quarter alone, it sold more than 20.3 million iPhone units worldwide. That doesnt seem to indicate times are tough or that Apple urgently needs a new iPhone.
Rumors are swirling that Apple will launch its next iPhone, the iPhone 5, in September or October. So far, however, Apple hasn't said when it will actually release the iPhone 5, making some wonder if the company will actually follow through with all the rumors and release the smartphone this fall or try to offer it up at another time. At this point, given the market factors that would determine such a decision, it would be best for Apple not to release the iPhone 5 this year. Sure, it would disappoint consumers, but at the end of the day, Apple needs to do what's best for its business and its shareholders. And not releasing the iPhone 5 this year would undoubtedly play into the favor of those stakeholders. Unlike many other companies in the marketplace, Apple has the luxury of being able to release its devices at any time it chooses and not worrying about the fallout of those decisions. If Apple releases the iPhone 5 in the fall, it will succeed. If the company decides to wait until next year, the device will still sell well. But if Apple wants to maximize profits, waiting until 2012 would be its best bet. Read on to find out why:
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