Apple, Verizon Liable to Clash over Multiple Issues

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-10-07 Print this article Print


5. The AT&T issue

AT&T is undoubtedly playing a key role in the negotiations between Apple and Verizon. Unlike AT&T, which got the iPhone without fear of competition, Verizon is the second company to carry the iPhone. With that comes the fear of Apple potentially working closer with AT&T, the company losing more subscribers to the competition, and other problems that could derail the Verizon iPhone. Simply put, AT&T is likely making Apple's negotiations more difficult than they would be otherwise.

6. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is an interesting character. The Apple CEO is undoubtedly a visionary, but he also views himself far more highly than others might. And he believes that his ideas are better than all others. Verizon is undoubtedly at odds with Jobs. And that battle of egos could be playing a key role in Apple's inability to bring the iPhone to Verizon store shelves sooner.

7. V-Cast

Verizon's V Cast service is integral to its mobile strategy. It's included in devices already available on its service. Whether or not it will play a role in the iPhone is anyone's guess. But recent reports claim the carrier is pushing it on Apple. For its part, Apple would probably want to keep V Cast out of its smartphone for obvious reasons. But will it? Inevitably, it depends on how badly Apple wants to bring its iPhone to Verizon's stores.

8. App regulations

Apple has received the brunt of the criticism surrounding App Store rejections. But in some cases, it was forced to reject certain applications because of rules put in place by AT&T. Verizon will undoubtedly have rules, as well. Whether or not those rules will work for Apple is unknown. But there will likely be some negotiation over what they should and should not allow.

9. It's new for Verizon

Part of the reason these two major companies might not work well together is that such a relationship is new for Verizon. The company is working with Google's Android platform, but the search giant's strategy is more traditional. Apple's is far more radical. It's a single company that wants to control every aspect of the mobile experience. That could be a problem for Verizon as it attempts to work with Apple and its quirks.

10. How will retail work?

Currently, the iPhone is on sale at several retail locations outside of AT&T stores and the Apple Store. Getting AT&T to come around on that wasn't necessarily easy for Apple. Recent reports claim Verizon has taken issue with it, as well, which means Apple will have to put out that fire. Such issues, regardless of how serious they are, will only make it harder for Apple to work with Verizon.

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