Building a More Versatile iPad

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5. A slimmer design 

The iPad is quite small, but it would be nice if Apple offered an even smaller tablet. The device shouldn't sacrifice display size (it should be bigger, remember?), but should still be thinner and lighter. After all, the iPad is a mobile device. Shouldn't Apple want to consistently make it easier to carry around? 

6. A USB port 

The lack of a USB port should be addressed in the next iteration of the tablet. A single USB port would not only make the iPad more usable for both consumers and enterprise customers, but it would also address the current iPad's issue of supporting just a handful of printers through its AirPrint functionality. USB connectivity is available in the HP Slate 500. Apple must offer it in its own product to keep up. 

7. Retina display technology 

When the iPhone 4 was first unveiled, Apple revealed the Retina Display, which is designed to provide a high-quality image to users. It would be nice to see that technology make its way to the iPad 2. After all, the iPad is an entertainment-focused product, and the higher the quality of the screen, the more consumers will jump at the chance of getting it. 

8. FaceTime integration 

As mentioned, the iPad 2 should feature a front-facing camera. If it does, it will facilitate Apple's ability to add FaceTime, its video-chatting feature, to the tablet. With FaceTime in tow, the iPad 2 can be more than just a device that consumers use to be entertained. It can also be a helpful enterprise feature, as well as a great way to stay in touch with family and friends. Plus, it would make the iPad 2 a more well-rounded competitor to netbooks. 

9. More storage 

Currently, Apple offers up to 64GB of storage in the iPad. But in the next version, Apple should offer twice that. The iPad is a computer. More and more people are relying upon on it to get their work done. If the device boasts more storage, they can add more content to the device, making it all the more likely that Apple's tablet will steal significant revenue from netbooks and lightweight notebooks. 

10. More printer support 

As noted, a USB port could significantly improve printer support on the iPad 2. But if Apple is committed to sticking with AirPrint, the company must add more printer support to that feature. Currently, AirPrint works with just a handful of printers, leaving many iPad owners without printing capabilities. If Jobs can significantly increase the number of supported printers for the iPad 2, he could go a long way in bolstering sales of that device.


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