Enterprise Mobility: Apple iPad 3 Might Face Trouble at Launch: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-09-20 Print this article Print
The Android Juggernaut

The Android Juggernaut

Although it has taken longer than Google would have liked, Android is now starting to catch on in the tablet space. Consumers are increasingly finding that Android-based platforms are worth trying out, and the iPad, in turn, is being negatively affected. Luckily for Apple, that negative impact has been relatively slight so far. But if the iPad 3 launches next year, the Android effect on sales could be bigger than some folks want to admit.
Although Apple's iPad 2 has been on store shelves for only the last several months, plenty of speculation about the device's successor, the iPad 3, is circulating liberally. Some reports suggest the device could launch as early as this fall, but most analysts believe Apple won't offer up its follow-up tablet until early next year. In either case, information surrounding the device continues to crop up. But rather than dwelling on those rumors, perhaps it's a better idea to look at what might happen if and when the iPad 3 eventually launches. Whether it's made available in October or early next year, the device will face significant challenges that might stymie its chances of dramatically outselling its predecessor. Although Apple might not like to hear it, the tablet space is changing at a torrid pace and the iPad 3's sales might suffer a bit because of that. The slide show takes a look at some of the ways in which the iPad 3 might face significant trouble when it launches within the next several months.
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