No NFC, 3D, Summer Launch

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-05-05 Print this article Print


5. Near-Field Communication

Near-field communication functionality has been a part of iPhone 5-related rumors for months now. But the latest reports suggest the technology won't actually be coming to the iPhone 5 because of Apple's concerns that the market is ill-prepared for it. Those rumors make some sense. As nice as near-field communication sounds, it's still a fledgling market with a lot of growing up to do before Apple should get involved.

6. Sprint connectivity

Now that AT&T has its sights set on completing its acquisition of T-Mobile USA, it wouldn't be a stretch to say the iPhone might be coming to T-Mobile customers this year. But the chances of Sprint getting its hands on the iPhone 5 seem rather slim. A year from now, Sprint might find itself the tiny competitor to two major behemoths in the wireless market. That alone makes the company's customers less attractive to Apple this year.

7. A different price tag

With each passing year, there is speculation that Apple will either raise the price of its iPhone or lower it. Last year, the company dropped the price of its iPhone 3GS and maintained the $199 and $299 price tags on the iPhone 4. This time around, the company will likely follow suit. Expect the iPhone 5 to retail for $199 and $299, and the iPhone 4 to be dropped to $99.

8. A summer launch date

Don't expect Apple to launch the iPhone 5 over the summer. Considering all the rumors suggesting the device might not even make an appearance at WWDC, and the fact that Apple just recently launched the white iPhone, the timing seems off. Moreover, with the launch of the Verizon iPhone earlier this year, it would make more sense if Apple waited until later this year (if not early 2012) to launch the iPhone 5. It might disappoint some consumers, but the iPhone 5 doesn't seem poised for the typical summer launch.

9. A glass surface

Apple's iPhone 4 is arguably the best-looking version of the smartphone ever released, thanks to its glass finish. However, as soon as consumers got their hands on the device, some of them experienced scratching and cracking. Those problems might have caused Apple to consider delivering an aluminum casing for the iPhone 5, according to rumors. There's no telling what Apple has planned until it finally unveils the device, but it looks quite likely that glass won't be an important component of the iPhone 5.

10. 3D display

As LG proved earlier this year with the announcement of its Optimus 3D and Optimus Pad, 3D is becoming an increasingly attractive feature in the mobile space. However, it doesn't seem all that likely that it will be coming to Apple's iPhone. For the most part, 3D functionality works best on larger screen sizes. Therefore, 3D would make sense on the iPad, but not the iPhone 5. 

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