Mobile and Wireless: Apple's Long Drive to Win Enterprise Acceptance: 10 Smart Moves

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-04-26 Print this article Print
Let Microsoft Be Microsoft

Let Microsoft Be Microsoft

Apple made an exceedingly smart move in the enterprise by taking the long view and taking advantage of Microsoft missteps. Apple understood that the times were changing and Microsoft was failing to adapt. When Vista caused all kinds of trouble for corporate users, high quality, reliable Mac OS X products started looking like attractive alternatives. The iPhone maker capitalized on this opportunity. Now, Mac OS X is making inroads into the enterprise, and in some ways Apple has Microsoft and Vista to thank for it.
Apple hasn't always been one of the most enterprise-friendly companies out there. Since its inception, it tried to make companies and consumers play by its rules, all with the hope of proving that it knew better what IT product buyers needed than they did. For consumers, that's not necessarily a big deal, but for IT decision makers and CIOs, it is. However, in the last few years, the corporate world has opened up to bringing Apple products into the office. Companies have found Windows to be less than adequate from a security perspective and RIM's BlackBerry platform is failing miserably to attract customers. Apple, meanwhile, has been delivering products that make employees productive and maintain an acceptable layer of security. But how did this happen? More importantly, how did Apple, of all companies, find a way to attract enterprise customers that remain staunchly committed to Microsoft Windows and resisted supporting Apple products on a large scale? Take a look at what Apple has done to change that situation.
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