Waiting on Amazon, Microsoft

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5. Waiting on Amazon

Apple isn't competing in a vacuum; the company's iPad is taking on a host of competitors. Chief among Apple's competitors is Amazon's Kindle Fire. That device reportedly reached unit sales of 5 million to 6 million in the fourth quarter of 2011. And many customers are quite pleased with the experience it offers. Considering the new iPad wasn't a major step up, at least some consumers will want to see what Amazon delivers in its next Kindle Fire.

6. Maybe even waiting on Microsoft

If there are some consumers waiting on the Kindle Fire, there are undoubtedly others, especially enterprise users, wondering what Microsoft's vendor partners will deliver when Windows 8 tablets launch later this year. At Mobile World Congress, Microsoft said its tablets will offer the same Windows 8 experience as laptops and desktops. That's important to many consumers€”and something that could eventually hurt the new iPad.

7. Prices come down€”eventually

As Apple proved at its special event on March 7, the company is willing to reduce the price of tablets a year after they launch. The iPad 2 is now $100 cheaper than it was just two days ago. Chances are, Apple will make the same move next year when it launches the next iPad and reduces the price of the new iPad. Keep that in mind.

8. There isn't any more storage

Storage is increasingly important in the tablet market. With the sheer number of videos, songs, books and everything else pumped into a tablet's storage, having more is always is better. And yet, Apple won't go any higher than 64GB of storage in the new iPad. There are many folks who need more than that. And it's about time Apple recognizes it.

9. Taking a wait-and-see on Apple and Tim Cook

Since Apple CEO Tim Cook took over the company from Steve Jobs last year, there hasn't been much in the way of major launches. The iPhone 4S and the new iPad have been iterative updates, and iCloud, while important, is by no means groundbreaking. There is an increasing number of consumers out there who will want to see if Cook can be another Steve Jobs before they invest their hard-earned cash into Apple products.

10. Their employers have already taken care of it

Of course, there are also some consumers out there who desperately want to get their hands on a new iPad, but don't. Wonder why? Ask their employers. In an increasing number of cases, companies are buying up iPads for their employees. If that trend continues this year€”as expected€”employees won't need to drop their own cash on a new iPad. Their employers will do it for them. Nice.

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