The New iPads Rivals Have No Answers to It

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5. They have no answer to the features

All in all, the new iPad is not a major step up over the iPad 2. And yet, the device€™s competitors have no answer to all the features that are available in it. There€™s no Retina Display competitor, and 4G LTE is no longer an advantage. Plus, the design compromises others make are hurting their adoption. Until Android vendors have a strong answer to the new iPad, what can they do to keep Apple at bay?

6. Hotspot functionality is huge

Interestingly, Apple decided to make the new iPad a hotspot, letting users who don€™t have ready access to a WiFi or 3G signal connect to the Web through the tablet. Hotspot functionality is something that is often overlooked in the consumer market, but for enterprise users, it€™s a huge selling point. Expect the new iPad to be an enterprise favorite because of that feature.

7. The A5X is a game-changer

Just about everyone believed that Apple would be launching the A5 processor in the new iPad, but what they didn€™t know is that the company had the A5X in the works. With the help of the A5X, Apple can deliver dual-core processing power and quad-core graphics, providing a far better experience than most folks have grown accustomed to. How will Android vendors respond?

8. Timing is everything

Apple says that it will be launching the new iPad March 16. That€™s important. Rather than try to launch a product too soon after the holidays or allow the device to get caught up in the holiday spending spree, Apple waits until later in March to offer up its new tablet. That results in millions of people around the globe loading up their wallets and heading down to their local Apple stores to buy the device. Timing is everything with new product launches, and Apple understands that better than anyone.

9. Don€™t underestimate the gaming

During its press event, Apple allowed some game developers on stage to show off the titles they have optimized for the new iPad. According to Apple and developers, those games will deliver an even better experience than what folks will find in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. How many Android tablets can make the same claim?

10. Apps, apps, apps

If Apple made anything clear at its new iPad event, it€™s that applications are a key ingredient in its success. And the vast majority of application developers are working with Apple rather than Android or any other operating system. So, until Android tablet makers can get around the apps issue, there€™s no winning the market.

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