Its Important to Be an Efficient iPad Owner

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5. Set up iCloud

Apple€™s iCloud service is arguably one of the more important launches it has made in years. And not having it running on all of the iOS-based devices you have would be a mistake. So don€™t waste time trying to do everything else you can do with the new iPad, and set up iCloud. You€™ll be happy you did once your music and apps start syncing.

6. Set up iTunes, too

If you€™re new to the Apple world or you simply want to be able to download music and videos, be sure to set up iTunes on the new iPad. Apple, of course, won€™t let you get much functionality out of the new iPad without inputting iTunes credentials, so it€™ll become a near-necessity when you get the device up and running. But that€™s just fine; iTunes is a key component in getting the most out of the new purchase.

7. Download your favorite apps

Applications are central to the experience of using an iOS-based device. So if you€™re not currently using iCloud or you€™re new to the Apple world, digging into the Apple Store to find out what sort of apps are worth downloading should be one of your first tasks. Tip: download iWork if you plan on making the iPad a work device.

8. Hook it up to 4G LTE

Although not all of Apple's new iPads are shipping with 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) capability, those who buy the versions with it shouldn€™t waste any time setting it up. Unfortunately, Apple won€™t let users switch between AT&T and Verizon at will. So depending on which version you purchased, sign up for the respective carrier€™s service and head out to the mobile Web from your new iPad.

9. Pick up some accessories

Apple has been criticized for not offering a USB or Thunderbolt port in its iPads. That said, the device does support a host of accessories that connect via the Dock connector. So if you need a physical keyboard, consider buying one. And if you want a camera hook-up, you can get an accessory to help you with that. The new iPad isn€™t necessarily incapable of allowing you to extend its functionality with third-party hardware.

10. Get acquainted with the basics

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, be sure to get acquainted with the basics of iOS 5.1. If you€™re new to iOS, as many new iPad customers will be, try out the many touch gestures available. Also, consider opening different applications, trying out the voice dictation, and seeing how multitasking works. Doing all that should help you learn quite quickly what it takes to be an efficient iPad owner.

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