T-Mobile Customers Face Disappointment

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6. A new Apple TV

A bit over a year ago now, Apple unveiled the new and improved Apple TV. The move, while surprising at the time, given Apple's insistence that the device was just a "hobby," has caused some to wonder if the firm will deliver new versions of the set-top box each year. Considering there are no rumors surrounding the Apple TV and Apple has largely ignored the box this year, an annual-launch strategy doesn't appear to be in the iPhone maker's plans.

7. 4G wireless

Several reports have suggested that when Apple shows off its new iPhone, the device will feature the ability for users to connect to 4G. However, it's becoming increasingly unlikely that that will be the case. For one, for Apple to deliver such high-speed connectivity, it will need to support both HSPA+ and LTE in order to cover the majority of customers, which might not make Apple happy. What's more, Apple itself has said that it doesn't like the "design compromises" that 4G brings with it. Simply put, it appears those hoping for 4G in the next iPhone might need to wait another year.

8. NFC capabilities

With the launch of Google Wallet recently, Google has made it clear that the near-field communications (NFC) battle is on. The only issue is Apple isn't yet ready for that fight. Yes, Apple will be bringing mobile-payment solutions to its devices soon, but it's quite doubtful that that will be announced next week. For one, NFC is still not very well-known among consumers. It's also worth noting that with so many moving parts-merchants and credit card companies need to sign on-Apple might not have had the time to get its service up and ready. NFC capabilities might come to a future iPhone, but it's doubtful that it will be made available in Apple's next handset.

9. T-Mobile support

It seems quite unlikely now that Apple's iPhone will be made available to T-Mobile USA. In a letter earlier this week, T-Mobile said the company will be focusing on Android devices, which seems to indicate that the iPhone won't be coming to its stores. That's unfortunate for T-Mobile customers.

10. A removable battery

Since the iPhone first launched in 2007, enterprise users have been panning Apple for not offering a removable battery with its smartphone. Over the years, those same folks have been hoping that Apple would finally listen to their pleas and offer one. But just as with previous years, a removable battery won't be coming to the new iPhone. Chances are Apple will never offer such a feature in its handset.

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