Windows Phone Stands to Gain

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-08-27 Print this article Print

5. Consumers lose

Today's consumers lose now that the lawsuit is over and Apple has won. But don't think that it's all Apple's fault. If Samsung won, the same would be true. Consumers can't possibly win in a market where two of the biggest companies in the mobile market are waging a patent litigation wary to reduce competition. It's that simple.

6. Appeals all over the place

Although Samsung is down, it's not necessarily out. The company will likely try to appeal the ruling-just as it has in other countries-and continue the legal process. It's unfortunate, but the chances of the Apple-Samsung legal battle ending now are awfully slim.

7. Windows Phone becomes more popular

Windows Phone and Microsoft might actually benefit from the latest ruling. Android is under attack. Smartphone makers that support Android are all feeling the pressure. The last thing Microsoft wants to do is not take advantage of that. Look for Microsoft's Windows Phone to become more popular in the coming years as Apple continues to take the fight to Android.

8. Consumers start to care

Right now, it's probably hard to find a single person that actually understands and truly cares what's going on between Apple and Samsung. But now that a significant ruling has come down, there's a good chance that's going to change. Consumers are going to care more and more about this problem if it affects the number and the quality of the mobile devices they have to chose from. And as they do, sales will be affected in meaningful ways./p>

9. Android itself is hurt

Android development is now in a strange position. When Google designs the next version of its operating system and vendors put their own tweaks into action, they'll need to worry quite a bit about Apple's patents. Of course, they cared before. But now that Apple has won a case and is taking the lead in litigation, it'll be hard for the companies to do all they want without at least thinking twice.

10. Apple plays the bully

Although Apple is celebrating today, it doesn't necessarily mean it's coming out of this case smelling like roses. The company is at risk of looking like a bully that wants to win the mobile space through litigation. For now, that might not be a problem. But in the coming months, as things change and consumers take more notice, it could cause real issues.

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