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By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-03-29 Print this article Print

5. iPad 2 sales figures

If Apple likes to do anything, it's talk up sales figures. And if the company holds a keynote address at WWDC, one should expect it to talk about iPad 2 sales figures. Given the fact that the iPad 2 is still taking weeks to ship and finding it on store shelves is extremely difficult, those sales figures will likely be quite high.

6. A free MobileMe?

Speculation abounds that Apple will be unveiling a free MobileMe service at some point in the future. And if it does in fact have plans for that, what better time to talk about it than at WWDC? Currently, MobileMe is used for Mac, iPhone and iPad owners to sync content across their many devices, among many other functions. It costs $99 per year. If Apple decides to do what the rumors suggest and improve MobileMe while making it free of charge, it would only make sense for the company to talk about that at a software event like WWDC.

7. A commitment to 4G

Apple might just talk about 4G and its commitment to the ultra-high-speed service at WWDC. If Apple unveils the iPhone 5 at the event, the company would have the perfect opportunity to talk about 4G. As the competition continues to release 4G-capable devices, the time has come for Apple to follow suit. And it likely will do so with the iPhone 5. Simply put, if Apple talks about the iPhone 5 at WWDC, it will discuss 4G and its commitment to it as well.

8. Improvements to the Mac App Store

A key component in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is Apple's Mac App Store. Unlike Snow Leopard, which required users to download the marketplace to access it, Lion will come with the Mac App Store built-in. If Apple has designs on making the Mac App Store an integral part of its strategy going forward-and it seemingly does-the company will almost undoubtedly discuss the success of the marketplace so far and talk about how it wants to improve it. After all, it has been available for months, and Apple is not a company that allows an important service to stand pat for long.

9. Details on its future multiplatform smartphone plans

One of the big question marks about Apple's business right now is how it plans to release future versions of its iPhone. The iPhone 4 was made available to AT&T customers last year. The Verizon iPhone came to that carrier's network earlier this year. Will it continue to stagger launches in that way or will it simply release the iPhone at the same time on all carrier networks? Considering the iPhone 5 could only be months away, expect Apple to address that at WWDC.

10. iTunes improvements

Another hot topic at WWDC might be iTunes. Apple's Ping platform, which allows users to connect socially through the service, hasn't been as groundbreaking as Apple made it out to be. It's quite possible that the company will try to improve that service. There's also speculation that a major overhaul could be in the works, with iTunes gaining a browser-based element. As one might expect, Apple hasn't commented on the possibility of that, but given all the rumors surrounding iTunes, expect some serious improvements to that platform at WWDC. 

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