Apples White iPhone Worth the Wait?

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5. Challenges mean trouble

Apple continues to say that the white iPhone 4 is delayed because of "manufacturing challenges" that are holding the device up. The company didn't say exactly what that means, but it certainly doesn't sound good. In the tech business, manufacturing challenges typically mean that there are flaws in creating a device, which could, in turn, cause issues in a product. That doesn't necessarily mean that the white iPhone 4 has flaws, since Apple hasn't made any indication that that might be true, but it's certainly possible. And it's something to keep in mind.

6. It might never come out

There is always the possibility of the white iPhone 4 never hitting store shelves. On more than one occasion, a company has promised a product, only to discontinue it before releasing it. Apple tends to follow through on its promises, but if these manufacturing problems continue, the company might be hard-pressed to keep investing in fixes when the black version of the device works just fine. Those folks who are waiting for the white iPhone 4 are potentially waiting for a product that will be discontinued before it even comes out. What a waste of time that would be.

7. The black version is just fine

The white iPhone 4 might appeal more to those who care about a product's aesthetics, but let's not forget that the black version of the device is just as appealing. As mentioned above, both the black version of the iPhone 4 and the white version are seemingly the same exact product. If consumers want an iPhone more than anything else, they shouldn't waste their time on a white version of the device. The black version boasts the same old iPhone experience that consumers have grown accustomed to, but adds some nice new elements that work quite well. Plus, it's a known quantity with only one noticeable issue. Who knows what kind of issues the white version of the device will have when it's released?

8. It's just a color

By waiting for a device because it has a different color, consumers are making themselves suffer. Time and again, Apple has said that the device will be coming soon, only to let those who want the white iPhone down by telling them that it has been delayed for an extended period. There must come a point for some people that being given hopeful news only to be let down time and again gets old. At that point, they should realize that they're waiting on a color difference, rather than an actual product difference. Color is important to some folks, but it's being given too much importance.

9. Apple treatment

Apple's issues with manufacturing the white iPhone 4 and simply delaying the device over and over might make some wonder if it's yet another way that Apple is turning its back on customers for the sake of its own operation. Last week at the company's press conference detailing iPhone 4 woes, Steve Jobs said that the outcry over the device's problems was overblown. All the while, some consumers might have felt slighted. It sounds like a common issue with Apple lately. The company is, to a lesser extent, treating customers who want the white iPhone 4 the same way by making promises and taking them back. Maybe it's time that consumers realize that and opt against the white iPhone 4 because of it.

10. A Verizon iPhone might be coming

Speculation abounds over when, not if, Verizon will be offering an iPhone. Of course, neither Apple nor Verizon has said much about such a device coming to the company's subscribers. But given that it's highly likely, consumers might want to hold off from getting the white iPhone 4 on AT&T's network and opt for the device that comes to Verizon's service. AT&T might not like it, but since Verizon's network is so much better for most consumers, waiting for the right device instead of the better-looking device is probably the best option.

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