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5. What about Android?

The iPhone is undoubtedly the most-desired smartphone on the market, but it's important to keep in mind that there are several Android-based smartphones on store shelves right now that can deliver a worthwhile experience, as well. The white iPhone looks nice, but consumers might want to consider Android smartphones that haven't experienced production issues before they opt for Apple's latest launch.

6. Forget about 4G LTE

Unfortunately, all the delays surrounding the white iPhone didn't give Apple the idea to include 4G connectivity with the device. So, those who buy the white iPhone from a Verizon store, for example, won't be able to connect to that company's LTE network. It's unfortunate. Considering 4G connectivity is becoming more important today, opting for a device with that functionality is a good idea.

7. Entering into a two-year contract now is a bad idea

In order to get the reduced pricing on the white iPhone, customers will need to enter into a two-year contract with either AT&T or Verizon Wireless. That might be a bad idea right now. Aside from the aforementioned impending announcement of the iPhone 5, there are several potentially worthwhile Android-based devices scheduled to be announced and launched in the coming months, as well. Inking a two-year deal now could prove to be bad timing.

8. Will the antenna problems be addressed?

When the iPhone 4 launched, consumers quickly found that the device experienced antenna issues when they held it with a "death grip." Apple issued cases to help address the problem. Now that the white iPhone is on store shelves, it should be interesting to see if its owners will have the same antenna problems. Expect an answer to that in the coming weeks as more and more people get their hands on it and test it out in the wild. Until then, it's best to take a wait-and-see approach.

9. It's no more appealing to enterprise customers

What makes the white iPhone so much more appealing to enterprise customers than the black version? In a word-nothing. The white iPhone is the same old, consumer-focused device that its predecessor was. For enterprise decision-makers who balked at bringing the black iPhone 4 to their employees, choosing the white iPhone doesn't look any better. At this point, the white iPhone simply doesn't look like the most enterprise-friendly device on store shelves.

10. There will be others

The white iPhone 4 is just the first of what will likely be many all-white smartphones from Apple. After all, in previous years, the company offered iPhone models that had white backs. Now, the device is completely white. Looking ahead, the white iPhone will probably continue to be a staple in Apple's product line. So, why rush to buy a device that offers little to no improvements and some concerning red flags? It'll have a successor eventually. 

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