iOS 4.2 Will Change the iPad

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-11-22 Print this article Print


5. Folder support

Most of the features finally available to Apple's iPad have been offered on the iPhone for quite some time. One of those key features is folder support. Now, with the help of iOS 4.2, iPad customers can group different apps and content into folders. Not only does it free up space on the iPad's display, but it also makes finding content much easier.

6. Much better Mail

When iPad owners download iOS 4.2, they will also find an improved Mail. The software delivers a unified Inbox for different e-mail addresses, threaded e-mail support, and many other features that most folks will likely be happy to see in the program. iPhone 4 owners have been using the improved Mail since the device's launch, but iPad owners can now get in on the fun.

7. Nope, no Flash

This won't come as much of a shock, but iOS 4.2 does not include Flash support. Apple has been saying since the beginning that it doesn't believe Flash is worth supporting, even though Google's Android 2.2 platform supports Flash 10.1. Regardless, HTML5 is becoming more popular, which should make Flash's continued omission easier for iPad owners to handle.

8. It makes the Apple TV more viable

The Apple TV is a fine product for those that want a budget-friendly device to stream entertainment content to a television. But until AirPlay was available, it wasn't quite living up to its potential. Now, with the help of AirPlay on the iPad, the Apple TV's value has skyrocketed. Quite a few users would likely enjoy watching a movie or television show on their tablet and then stream that over to their Apple TV. That's possible now, thanks to iOS 4.2.

9. Netbooks beware?

Part of the value of the iPad, especially to enterprise customers, is that it potentially allows the replacement of netbooks with Apple's tablet. However, some companies didn't opt for the new device, since it lacked multitasking, folder support, and other features. Now that those features are available, the iPad is far more viable than it ever was to companies looking to replace netbooks. And that's something every consumer and enterprise customer should keep in mind.

10. It's a better experience

Overall, using iOS 4.2 on the iPad delivers a top-notch experience. Not only does it allow for more functionality, but it works extremely well. And most users will like what they see from Apple's offering. Does that mean that it's perfect? Not at all, but it's a vast improvement over what iPad owners have been using thus far.

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