Apple Has Historically Made Rumor-Mongers Look Foolish

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5. Will it come with different form factors?

If the Amazon Kindle Fire has proved anything, it's that small, 7-inch displays might actually work in the tablet market. Meanwhile, some reports out of Asia claim Apple will be offering different iPad 3 form factors to satisfy those who want smaller screens. It's certainly possible, but considering Apple has been loath to do that in the past, it might just rebuff those claims and stick with its 9.7-inch screen.

6. How about 4G?

One of the biggest complaints iPad owners have is that the device doesn't support 4G networking. Given that other tablets have 4G already, there's a good chance the iPad 3 will come with it. But there's also a good chance it won't, considering Apple's issues with the technology in the past. The company has said the technology is not ubiquitous and it forces design compromises Apple is unwilling to make. Will that change in 2012? Time will tell.

7. Will it come with a Retina Display?

The iPad 2 was supposed to come with a Retina Display, according to rumors at the time. But after Apple announced the tablet, it was clear the company had other plans. Now, those rumors are being revived for the iPad 3. But considering how expensive a Retina Display would be on the iPad 3, consumers might be disappointed once again.

8. Will it have extra ports?

For years now, the rumor mill has said Apple will include more ports in the iPad, including one that lets customers connect to an HDTV through High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). And each year, Apple has made those who announce the rumors look foolish. With Apple doubling down on Thunderbolt in 2011, it would seem that the iPad 3 would be the next logical choice for the company's input/output technology, but then again, trying to predict Apple's plans can be dangerous.

9. How about a brand-new design?

Apple is perhaps best known for its outstanding product designs. But many would agree that the iPad 2 is one of the least-attractive Apple products available right now. And it would only make sense, according to the rumor mill, for the company to deliver a major design improvement this year. Will Apple want to invest in a totally new iPad design? We'll see.

10. Is 3D coming?

More often than not, tablet makers are considering how 3D support will play a role in their products in 2012. Should it take center stage? Should it be an ancillary addition? Those are just some of the questions vendors, and even Apple, are likely asking. The latest rumors say the iPad 3 will come with 3D support. And considering how important games have become in iOS, that makes some sense. But as with the rest of these items, don't expect to find the new feature until Apple itself shows it off.

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