A nice, new design

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6. A nice, new design

If Apple understands anything, it's design. Realizing that, there's a good chance the company will deliver a brand new design in the iPhone 5 that combines different dimensions with Gorilla Glass 2 and Liquidmetal for added protection. It's about time Apple offers up a new iPhone design, and this time around, it'll deliver it.

7. A taller iPhone 5

Following that, it's important to give the iPhone 5's dimensions its own billing in this roundup. In order for Apple to deliver a device with a larger display, it needs to make the iPhone a bit taller. Depending on how Apple pulls that off, that could cause some problems for those who throw the iPhone into a pocket or have a favorite case they've been using. A taller iPhone 5 is coming – and despite offering some advantages, it could turn out to be a pain.

8. Identical pricing

Apple in the past has stuck to the same pricing model with its iPhone. It's a smart move. By not raising the price on the new iPhones, customers have proven more willing to plunk down $200 or so every year to get their hands on the latest and greatest smartphone. Apple, quite happy with its actual sales price of $600 to carriers, is more than happy to keep the subsidized pricing low.

9. A (lack of) iPad Mini talk

Apple's iPad Mini is reportedly going to be unveiled at a special event in October. That device, which will come with a 7.85-inch display, is designed to take on the Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7. However, so far, Apple hasn't confirmed that it exists. And at next week's event, don't expect the company to even bring it up. For now, the iPad Mini is destined for October.

10. A shot over Samsung's bow

Apple loves to take some shots at its competition. That's why it'll mention its victory over Samsung at last month's landmark patent trial in San Jose, Calif. It's also why it'll make clear to those in attendance that it believes Samsung is not innovating and it is. Expect to find Samsung in Apple's crosshairs at its Sept. 12 event.

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