Still Time to Talk About a New iPhone

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-06-09 Print this article Print

5. 4G isn't ready

Speculation abounds that Apple will bring 4G connectivity to the iPhone 5. After all, the company has always been on the cutting edge of new technology advancements, and 4G is one such technology. However, 4G is not as readily available today as it could be. Realizing that, it's quite possible that Apple is waiting until 4G networks are capable of handling iPhone demand before it releases a new version of its smartphone.

6. Waiting on a major upgrade

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 4 last year, the company showed off one of the most impressive upgrades to a smartphone ever. That has certainly helped iPhone 4 sales. But for Apple, it could also be an issue. Consumers are now expecting major updates, and delivering incremental improvements might not do the job any longer. Recent rumors suggest the iPhone 5 will be another revolutionary upgrade. And as the iPhone 4 proved, delivering major upgrades takes time.

7. WWDC was about software

Although Apple has used its keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference to unveil hardware in the past, the show is really about software. This year, Apple is releasing two important software updates in Mac OS X and iOS. Maybe this year, Apple wanted to stay true to what WWDC is all about and only talk software. There is still quite a bit of time for Apple to talk about a new iPhone.

8. iCloud couldn't be overshadowed

Though iOS and Mac OS X played important roles in Apple's keynote, it was the company's upcoming cloud service, iCloud, that stole the show. The new offering allows Mac, PC and iOS users to store content in the cloud, and sync information across all the devices linked to their accounts. Considering the importance of cloud computing today, Apple might have wanted all the focus to be on iCloud. After all, if the company unveiled a new smartphone, all the attention would have been on that device, and not iCloud.

9. Investors are not demanding it

As a public company, Apple has a responsibility to shareholders to consistently deliver strong earnings and increase their value in the company. If investors were demanding major changes or new-product launches, Apple would likely need to follow suit if those demands made sense for the long-term success of the firm. But Apple investors weren't demanding that Apple announce the iPhone 5 at WWDC. Even following its announcement, investors weren't all that concerned. Those folks realize that the iPhone 4 is doing just fine, and offering an iPhone 5, while a nice idea, isn't necessary.

10. Customer perception

Arguably one of Apple's biggest issues over the years since the iPhone was first launched in 2007 has been customer perception. Consumers around the globe expect a new iPhone every summer, so as that time approaches, they hold back on buying a new smartphone to see what Apple offers. By not announcing the iPhone 5 this summer, Apple has thrown those folks a curve ball. Now, those who were waiting on the sidelines hoping for the iPhone 5 to appear might be more inclined to get an iPhone 4 now rather than wait weeks or months for the next update. Customer perception affects demand considerably and Apple could have made a genius move by keeping consumers guessing on when the iPhone 5 will launch. 


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