One Analyst Sees a Glass Half Full for RIM

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€œBlackBerry 10 is fantastic,€ said Devenyi. RIM€™s design team has evolved with new acquisitions and new hires, he added. €œThe design team is world class that's working on this device.€

Analyst Ken Hyers, with Technology Business Research, said he expects someone of Devenyi€™s position to say nothing less. €œAnd I hope that it€™s all true,€ he added.

While Devenyi has certainly been tasked with putting a positive spin on RIM€™s current situation, neither is he off base, Hyers suggested.

€œThe company retains a base of customers across Fortune 500 companies, it has a not inconsiderable cash hoard, and it has made some hard decisions around layoffs which will reduce expenses and help it through this rough patch. Looking at the situation as a glass half full, I don€™t think this is necessarily the end for RIM,€ said Hyers.

€œIf they can get BlackBerry 10 devices to market in volume by 1Q13, they still have time to retain a portion of their enterprise customers,€ he added. €œThey can still remain the gold standard for secure mobile email. They will also be able to provide secure mobile application support at a level unmatched by Android products. But I don€™t expect them to regain their past level of success.€

Hyers added, however, that a false move could tip over the glass.

€œIf RIM misses another target for getting BlackBerry 10 to market, or if expenses run higher than they have projected, or if they see an acceleration in the rate of customer losses in the second half of 2012,€ he said, €œthen I expect they€™ll be forced to reconsider the hard decisions that they€™ve already explored and sell off the company and its assets.€

Devenyi, closing the conversation, repeated, €œI can tell you BlackBerry 10 is fantastic. €¦ We are so confident that we have something very different, very unique. We just are not willing to release this to market until it is ready and it has the level of quality that we know everyone expects and deserves.€

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Michelle Maisto has been covering the enterprise mobility space for a decade, beginning with Knowledge Management, Field Force Automation and eCRM, and most recently as the editor-in-chief of Mobile Enterprise magazine. She earned an MFA in nonfiction writing from Columbia University, and in her spare time obsesses about food. Her first book, The Gastronomy of Marriage, if forthcoming from Random House in September 2009.

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