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5. Developers must sign up

One of the biggest issues with RIM€™s BlackBerry operating system is that it lacks adequate developer support. For now, third-party vendors are content to develop apps for Android and Apple iOS and leave BlackBerry OS out in the cold. If RIM wants to make BlackBerry 10 a success, it€™ll need to change that€”or else.

6. A familiar experience€”to Android and iOS users

Going from BlackBerry OS to Android or iOS is a groundbreaking moment, for sure. Apple€™s operating system is fresh, fun and intuitive; the same might be said for Android. RIM€™s operating system, meanwhile, harkens back to the old days and leaves many customers befuddled when they first break it out of the box. It€™s time for RIM to offer up in BlackBerry 10 a familiar experience to Android and iOS users.

7. A launch that comes sooner rather than later

There was some talk that BlackBerry 10 would make an appearance at the end of 2011. But right around when RIM was supposed to launch the software, the company announced the launch would come later this year. That€™s an issue. The longer RIM€™s current devices sit on store shelves, the less likely they€™ll be able to attract new customers. BlackBerry 10 must launch sooner rather than later.

8. Think about the PlayBook

RIM€™s BlackBerry PlayBook is still on store shelves, despite selling a relatively small number of units since its launch last year. Although the PlayBook comes with its share of flaws, RIM says it€™ll eventually bring BlackBerry 10 to the tablet. It€™s a smart idea. Like Apple, RIM must offer the same experience on all of its mobile devices. To not do that would be a huge mistake.

9. Remember pricing

Looking around the mobile space, one will quickly find that BlackBerry devices are somewhat expensive. The BlackBerry Bold, for example, is available for $200 on AT&T€™s service€”the same price as the iPhone 4S. When RIM launches BlackBerry 10, it must find a way to get carriers to reduce the price on its new offerings. RIM can€™t survive at the same price as the iPhone€”and it€™s about time everyone understands that.

10. A new way for executives to think

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, RIM must not allow its old ideas to seep through into BlackBerry 10. Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie didn€™t know how to address RIM€™s troubles, and the company faltered. Now, Thorsten Heins says he plans to follow much of the same strategy. It€™s a mistake. RIM€™s board needs to persuade its executives to rethink their strategies. To not do so could be disastrous for the mobile firm.

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