RIMs Operating System Just Doesnt Hold Up to iOS

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5. The operating system isn€™t there

RIM€™s BlackBerry OS falls short in every way. The operating system€™s design is sub-par, the built-in applications are hardly useful and the virtual keyboard is a disappointment. Although hardware design matters, the way in which an operating system functions is far more important. And unfortunately for RIM, its operating system just doesn€™t hold up to iOS.

6. BlackBerry OS 2.0 isn€™t enough

Following that, it€™s important to point out that the next PlayBook will likely ship with BlackBerry OS 2.0. That operating system, which launched Feb. 21, finally adds the native email, calendar and contacts support BlackBerry PlayBook owners have been begging for, but it still lacks native support for BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry Enterprise Server. How will those limitations help the next PlayBook appeal to customers?

7. The iPad 3 looms

Apple€™s iPad 3 is reportedly going to be unveiled early next month. And when that happens, the next PlayBook will have an all-new device it€™ll need to worry about. Unfortunately for RIM, however, the iPad 3 is expected to be a major step up over Apple€™s current slate. As long as the iPad is on store shelves, the PlayBook 2 won€™t succeed.

8. So does the Kindle Fire

RIM must always be worried about Amazon. The e-commerce giant came on the tablet scene fast and furious last year with the launch of its Kindle Fire. This year, Amazon is expected to refresh its $199 tablet and deliver a bigger, more expensive version. The Kindle Fire will severely limit RIM€™s chances of appealing to customers who want a 7-inch tablet.

9. The apps aren€™t there

RIM€™s BlackBerry PlayBook 2 will come with support for the company€™s BlackBerry App World. There€™s just one issue: The BlackBerry App World is the marketplace developers have been content to ignore. According to most researchers, that won€™t change anytime soon, making the apps available to the next PlayBook far less desirable than those found on other platforms.

10. Trust is a major issue

At the end of the day, consumers and enterprise users want to know that they can trust a company. Over the last couple years, those stakeholders have lost trust in RIM as the company delivers outdated products. Last year€™s BlackBerry services outage didn€™t help matters, either. Trust is a major issue for RIM right now. And it€™ll hurt PlayBook 2 adoption.

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