A Stylus Might Work With the New PlayBook

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5. A commitment to the enterprise

One of the biggest issues with the BlackBerry PlayBook in its current form is that it doesn€™t really have a target market. At times, consumers might think that the device is designed for them, while at other times the corporate world might find some value in it. In the next PlayBook, RIM must make it abundantly clear that it€™s designed for the enterprise.

6. A RIM rebranding

No product, no matter how spectacular, can be successful without the company offering it boasting a respected brand. So, in the next several months before the next PlayBook launches, RIM should endeavor to improve its branding and make stakeholders regain some lost respect for it. That should go a long way in improving the slate€™s chances for success.

7. Some leadership at the top

RIM has a new CEO in Thorsten Heins. And so far, he hasn€™t proved that he€™s a true leader who can take the helm and steer RIM back to prosperity. Before the next PlayBook launches, Heins and his executive staff should make it clear to investors, employees and customers that they are in charge and ready to take on any and all challenges that might come their way. Effective leadership instills confidence in a company and eventually improves sales.

8. Stylus support

When Samsung launched the Galaxy Note, it was criticized for including stylus support. Now that the device has caught on, however, it€™s widely believed that Samsung might be on to something. So, in addition to touch support in the next PlayBook, maybe RIM should include a stylus. The idea might appeal to enterprise users who aren€™t so keen on using their fingers to tap around a display.

9. Remember the apps

The BlackBerry will be nothing without ample application support. So, RIM must get going on working with developers to bring as many programs to the PlayBook as possible. The more apps the device can support, the more successful it will be. It€™s as simple as that.

10. A highlight on security

One of the biggest concerns facing IT decision-makers right now is mobile security. Android might be a great platform for consumers, but in the enterprise, it€™s pushed aside because of security concerns. What better way for RIM to get its device into the corporate world than to bundle all kinds of security features in the slate and promote it as widely as possible. RIM should be known as the security-conscious company in the tablet space.

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