iPad 2 Is a Market-Proven Product

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5. Chromebooks have first-gen issues

As early adopters know all too well, buying a first-generation product isn't always the best idea. New devices launch with odd design quirks, bugs and other issues that make waiting for a new device to get the kinks worked out a good idea. Apple's iPad 2, on the other hand, is the second generation of the device to reach the market, and consumers have been using Apple's tablets for more than a year. Reliability means something, and at least over the short term, the iPad 2 might prove to be more reliable.

6. The pricing isn't so far off

Samsung's Series 5 Chromebook featuring 3G connectivity is available for $499.99. Though that means consumers who want 3G connectivity will save more by buying a Chromebook-Apple's cheapest iPad 2 with 3G retails for $629-the price difference isn't so great that Apple's tablet looks overly expensive. Considering all the benefits that go along with buying an iPad 2 and all the potential problems users could run into with a Chromebook, spending an additional $129 for an iPad 2 with 3G seems like a bargain.

7. Google isn't controlling the hardware

If Apple has proved anything over the years, it's that when a single company controls both the hardware and software of a platform, it can deliver a far better product. Google, however, sees it differently. That company delivers the software, and other companies-Samsung and Acer-are supplying the hardware. Though Google's model has been employed for years with great success in the Windows ecosystem, companies that take full control over all facets of a product's design tend to offer more-compelling alternatives. Consumers should keep that in mind as they choose between the iPad 2 and Chromebooks.

8. iPad 2 is better for business

Though one could argue that neither Chromebooks nor the iPad 2 is suitable for enterprise users, Apple's tablet is starting to catch on in the corporate world. In fact, Apple announced at an investor's call earlier this year that a large portion of Fortune 500 companies are currently evaluating the iPad 2 to see if it would make sense for their organizations. Chromebooks won't have that opportunity. IT decision-makers see Chromebooks as rough around the edges, a potential productivity drain due to its reliance upon the Web and a first-generation product that needs years of refinement before it makes sense for their companies. For now, the iPad 2 is better for business.

9. There aren't better tablets, but there are better notebooks

When consumers or enterprise users set out to buy new products, they want to get the best products available in a respective category. In the tablet space, the iPad 2 is the best of the best. But in the lightweight notebook market, Chromebooks fall short. Apple's MacBook Air is a far more appealing alternative for consumers, and for enterprise users any number of Windows netbooks seem to hold up better. Why opt for a Chromebook when a Windows netbook offering better overall functionality can be purchased for about the same price, if not less?

10. Supplanting Windows is no easy task

Google has its sights set on Microsoft with Chrome OS. And given the companies' shared history, the search giant likely will stop at nothing to take Windows down. But as the past has proven time and again, taking Windows out is no easy task. Perhaps now would be a good time for consumers to buy an iPad 2, which they know will be around for the long haul, rather than opt for a product running an operating system that might prove incapable of competing in the desktop market for long. If Chromebooks can start nabbing serious market share from Windows, then opting for such a device might be a good idea. Until then, the iPad 2 seems like the better bet. 

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