iPhone Targeted as Google TV Sees Resurgence

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5. Flagship smartphones are gunning for Apple

It's no secret smartphone vendors want to take Apple's iPhone down. But at CES this year, LG, Samsung and others have made that abundantly clear by showing off top-of-the-line smartphones to take on the iPhone. The best part is devices like LG's Spectrum will retail for just $199, putting them at the same price as Apple's iPhone 4S.

6. Google TV is having a surprising resurgence

It wasn't long ago that people were wondering just how much longer Google TV would last before Google threw in the towel and discontinued it. At this year's CES, however, the technology has made a significant comeback, showing up in everything from televisions to set-top boxes. Watch out for Google TV in 2012. It could actually develop into a major player in the home entertainment space.

7. The multiscreen push

With Sony's decision to take over Sony Ericsson, the company now has achieved its long-sought-after goal: the ability to provide services and products that target any device with a screen. From HDTVs to smartphones to video game consoles, Sony has the unique ability to provide services to the many consumers using all those devices. But Sony isn't alone. Countless companies at CES are following a multiscreen strategy to try to lock customers in who have multiple products. It seems 2012 could be an important year for targeting folks with multiple devices.

8. No new product categories

Aside from ultrabooks, CES has so far not been home to new product categories. Some observers might claim this CES is all about the appearance of ultrabooks in large numbers, but Intel introduced the ultrabook concept in the middle of 2011. In the past, we've seen tablets and netbooks unveiled at CES. But this year, vendors appear focused on improving current device concepts and not trying to veer too far from that. It's not necessarily a bad thing, of course, but it might indicate a general decline in innovation across the industry.

9. Iterative updates abound

Following on that general lack of innovation, it appears the vast majority of companies this year are willing to only offer iterative updates to their products, rather than revolutionary improvements. Each product category-from HDTVs to smartphones-has improved in lockstep. Meanwhile, consumers who are hoping to see revolutionary updates will be disappointed by what they find in this year's products.

10. 3D, 3D, 3D

There's no escaping 3D at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. Just about every major company is bundling 3D features into their televisions, smartphones, tablets and other visual products. Oddly, consumers have so far not embraced 3D as much as the companies would like. But that's not stopping vendors from bundling the technology in their many devices.

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