Android Handsets, HDTV Ideas, Ultrabooks

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5. Android handsets galore

Apple doesn't make a showing at the Consumer Electronics Show, which this year, leaves a wide opening for Android handset makers. Each year, Android devices live in the iPhone's shadow. But at CES, it's an opportunity for those companies to break their products out from that shadow. Expect it to happen again this year.

6. New HDTV ideas

The HDTV market is poised for another major development in 2012. And at CES, TV makers, including Samsung, Vizio, and others, are going to show it off. The new technology is called 4K, and assuming content providers embrace the technology, it could boast resolutions that are about four-times greater than those seen at the highest 1080p level. Plus, with Apple reportedly considering launching a TV, it seems that market is heating up.

7. Ultrabooks--everywhere

The next frontier in mobile computing is Ultrabooks. The lightweight, ultrathin computers are supposed to be the best answer yet to Apple's MacBook Air. But so far, they've proven expensive and not quite up to the same level as Apple's notebook. At CES, though, Ultrabook makers are expected to show how they can change that.

8. Maybe even some Chromebooks

Remember Chromebooks? They're the computers running Chrome OS that Google's hardware partners launched earlier this year. Chromebooks might not be the most successful computers, but they have some potential. And vendors are going to try and prove that at CES.

9. New video game hardware

Since it's the Consumer Electronics Show, attendees can expect to find some new gaming hardware. Nintendo unveiled the Wii U console earlier this year, and there is some speculation that Sony or Microsoft might show off their next-generation consoles at CES. Exactly what those products will offer is unknown at this point.

10. A netbook void

Netbooks were all the rage in the mobile space just a couple years ago. But now, they're being ignored because of the success of tablets. At CES, expect to find, well, no netbooks on display. PC vendors realize now that netbooks are dead--and they want to keep them that way.

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