Forget Android, Apple iPad Will Do Even Better in 2011: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-12-30 Print this article Print

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5. The competition doesn't get design 

The iPad's market appeal goes beyond the operating system it offers. Apple also understands how to build nice products that appeal to consumer desire for certain features as well as their design aesthetics. Apple's competition isn't so capable of developing such visually attractive devices. That should only help Apple's chances of staying one step ahead. 

6. iOS is a winner 

Apple's iOS platform is one of the main reasons consumers and enterprise customers are so intrigued by Apple's iPad. For now, iOS 4 is delivering the best tablet experience on the market. Until Google shows off what it has planned for Android 3.0, it's hard to see how that company will be able to match Apple's offering. By combining the iPad's design with its operating system, it's easy to see why Apple will have an unprecedented 2011. 

7. Apple still has the apps lead 

As consumers know all too well, applications are central to the experience of using a tablet. Apple has a substantial lead in that area. The company has the best relationship with developers, and they are realizing that, at least for now, the iPad is the best tablet to build applications for. Going into 2011, that application lead could be all the more important to the iPad's success. 

8. A Verizon iPhone will help 

Speculation abounds that Apple will announce a Verizon iPhone next year. If it does, that device will only help the company sell more iPads. Not only will it bring more people into the iOS fold, but it will also make consumers think twice about opting for an alternative tablet when they know the experience they're enjoying on their smartphones can be had on the iPad.  

9. The iPad 2 will be a sizable update 

Apple's iPad is a fine device for consumers looking to break into the tablet market. But it lacks a camera (or two). It's shipped without multitasking, although that has been addressed with iOS 4. It also has some other design quirks that have made some customers think twice about getting the device. However, if the rumors are true, the iPad 2 promises to address those issues and deliver an experience that the first iPad arguably should have offered. This could prove to be the top reason the iPad will have a banner year in 2011. 

10. It goes beyond iPads 

It's easy to say that the iPad will be successful because of the benefits it offers to customers. But it goes beyond just the tablet. The iPad will be successful next year in part because of Apple's continuing ability to appeal to customers. Its iPods sell well; the iPhone is appealing to a growing number of customers; and Macs are becoming more likely computing companions for consumers. Simply put, Apple is seeing success across several different markets, and that should only help its chances of seeing a halo effect in sales for the iPad.

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