Android Showing Robust Growth with Some Uncertainties

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-08-17 Print this article Print


5. It's not iOS

As nice as the Android OS is, it's worth noting that it still can't quite compete with Apple's iOS. That's not to say that Android OS is a bad operating system-it it isn't-but Apple's mobile operating system is just a little bit better. Not only does it provide a better touch experience, but the Apple software is more usable. Plus, it has a level of elegance that Android OS can't muster. It's something current Android owners will want to keep in mind the next time their contracts are up. 

6. You'll finally have Flash in Froyo

One of the biggest additions to Android 2.2 Froyo is Adobe's Flash. Unlike iOS, which deliberately doesn't support Flash, the new version of Google's software does. And with it, consumers are able to access the vast majority of videos and games that they can't access on iOS. Those folks running Android 2.1 are still out of luck when it comes to Flash. But considering that the updated Android OS will soon be the standard, it won't be long before the majority of users will be able to access any Flash-using site they want. 

7. The enterprise will like new features

The corporate world will like what it finds in Android OS 2.2. Admittedly, Android 2.1 and earlier versions of the mobile operating system are not enterprise-friendly. But Android 2.2 adds several nice features for companies, including improved password security and remote wipe. Plus, Exchange support in Android 2.2 should make companies that didn't like using Android 2.1 just a bit happier. 

8. There are security concerns

What won't make companies happy, and what should scare consumers, is the possibility of Android OS causing security problems. According to a security expert speaking to eWEEK earlier this week, Android OS lags behind iOS in "meeting security validations," "application verification," and "tamper resistance," to name just a few of the areas in which Android security is said to fall short. Currently, there are real issues with Android's security that need to be taken into consideration. For its part, Google claims Android OS is as safe as they come; that may or may not be the case. 

9. Some features are in doubt

Earlier this year, Apple filed a patent lawsuit against HTC, one of the top Android OS vendors. The lawsuit claimed that some of the functions of HTC's smartphones, including Android-based devices, violated Apple's software patents. So far, the court hasn't ruled on the case, but if Apple is successful, several features, including the way mobile Chrome works, could be forcibly removed from HTC's software. If Apple is successful, the company could drastically alter the way Android OS works. It's not such a big worry, but it's a possibility that current owners should keep in mind. 

10. It will soon be running on multiple tablets

Those who enjoy using Android OS so far will be happy to hear that the software will be making its way to several tablets in the coming months. Currently, Android OS is running on the Dell Streak, and it will soon come to Cisco's enterprise-focused Cius tablet. The software will be available on many more tablets soon.

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