Android Must Overcome iPad Head Start

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-10-20 Print this article Print


5. The iPad update could be huge 

Apple is scheduled to release an iPad update next month that will deliver multitasking and several other features to its tablet. With that update, consumers and especially enterprise customers will have the functionality they've been waiting for. Best of all for Apple, those updates should help generate even more sales. The update might not be flashy, but it could help keep Android OS down. 

6. The Verizon element 

Last week, Apple announced that it will be offering its tablet in Verizon stores. Customers who buy the device there can access the carrier's 3G network with the help of the MiFi 2200 hot spot. That might not be huge news, but it's important in Apple's fight against Google. With the help of Verizon, the iPad can now cater to many more customers. It puts other products on notice that they need multicarrier support to compete. 

7. Screen sizes do matter 

Steve Jobs took some time earlier this week to chime in on an earnings call with investors. During that call, he said he doesn't believe consumers will respond well to the 7-inch displays most Android-based tablets plan to feature when they launch. The Apple CEO said that screens of that size don't provide users with enough real estate to be functional. Steve Jobs is rarely wrong when it comes to consumer experiences. Until Android vendors see value in what he's saying, Apple will likely have little to worry about. 

8. Enterprises show favor to iPads

The corporate world is realizing that tablets can be extremely handy in some cases. Not only do they make employees more mobile, but they deliver outstanding connectivity options. That's precisely why enterprise customers are warming to Apple's iPad. But they aren't so sure about Android OS. The operating system isn't very enterprise-focused in the smartphone market. And it's doubtful that it will appeal to companies in the enterprise space anytime soon. Google might not worry too much about the enterprise, but it should. Appealing to it is a key component in success or failure in the tablet market. 

9. Apps could be an issue 

When Apple announced the iPad, the company said that all iPhone apps would work with the tablet. However, the company said that apps designed specifically for the iPad would need to be created in order to take advantage of the device's big screen. Over the past year, developers have been capitalizing on that. But Android OS suffers from the same problem in the tablet space, and developers have yet to focus on tablet apps. That alone could turn customers who covet apps away from Android and toward the iPad. 

10. The Apple hype machine 

Apple's success in the tablet market is as much about the company's product as it is about its ability to attract customers. Its competitors on the Android side don't have that ability. And until they find out how to use their products to excite customers and build hype for the options they offer, Apple will win out. 

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