Developers to Receive First Google Glass Explorer Editions

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Also described in the patent application are potential uses of a microphone, a camera, a keyboard and a touch-pad either one at a time or together. The device could even include capabilities to understand and show just what the user wants to see, according to the patent application. "In the absence of an explicit instruction to display certain content, the exemplary system may intelligently and automatically determine content for the multimode input field that is believed to be desired by the wearer."

"For example, a person's name may be detected in speech during a wearer's conversation with a friend, and, if available, the contact information for this person may be displayed in the multimode input field," the application states.

Another possibility is that the glasses "may detect a data pattern in incoming audio data that is characteristic of car engine noise (and possibly characteristic of a particular type of car, such as the type of car owned or registered to the wearer)," the application states. That information could be interpreted by the device "as an indication that the wearer is in a car and responsively launch a navigation system or mapping application in the multimode input field."

While early versions of Google Glass mount the controls and hardware on the right side of the glasses within the range of the wearer's right eye, other possible configurations are included in the patent application.

"The on-board computing system is shown to be positioned on the extending side-arm of the eyeglasses; however, the on-board computing system may be provided on other parts of the eyeglasses," the application states. "The video camera is shown to be positioned on the extending side-arm of the eyeglasses; however, the video camera may be provided on other parts of the eyeglasses."

A lot is still not known about Google Glass and what specific features the device will have when it eventually moves from prototype to a real product sold to consumers.

What is known is that Google expects to ship the first versions of Google Glass, an Explorer Edition, in early 2013. But those devices will only be sold to U.S.-based developers who were at this year's Google I/O Conference. The first devices will sell for $1,500, according to Google. Consumer versions are expected at least a year later.

A demonstration video of Google Glass was posted by the company on YouTube.


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