Enterprise Mobility: Google Nexus S Is 'King of the Hill,' at Least for a While: iFixit

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Google Nexus S Is King of the Hill, at Least for a While: iFixit

Google Nexus S Is King of the Hill, at Least for a While: iFixit

by Michelle Maisto
The repair company iFixit performed a teardown of the newest Google-branded smartphone, the Samsung-made Nexus S. What they found, iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens wrote in an e-mail to the media, left them feeling "just a tad underwhelmed." Coming from the creator of Android, the Nexus S gets the bragging right of being the first smartphone to run "Gingerbread," or Android 2.3, which is said to be the fastest version of the OS yet. It includes near field communications technology, WiFi connectivity, two cameras, 16GB of storage, 512MB of RAM and a 4-inch capacitive Super AMOLED touch screen. It's also unique in offering a curved display that's said to be comfortable in the hand and against the cheek—though the iFixit team found the branding of this feature misleading. While the glass is indeed curved, the touch screen and LCD are "just as flat as any phone's," wrote Wiens. Still, the team found the phone to be easier to repair than some of its competitors, and decided that the Nexus S is a "solid Android phone overall, and we think a lot of people will be happy with it." With a touch of cynicism, Wiens added that the Nexus S is now king of the Android hill—at least "for the next twelve minutes or so, until the new next-best-Android-phone rises up to knock it off its perch."
Michelle Maisto has been covering the enterprise mobility space for a decade, beginning with Knowledge Management, Field Force Automation and eCRM, and most recently as the editor-in-chief of Mobile Enterprise magazine. She earned an MFA in nonfiction writing from Columbia University, and in her spare time obsesses about food. Her first book, The Gastronomy of Marriage, if forthcoming from Random House in September 2009.

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