Google Should Streamline Motorolas Mobile Product Line

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-05-22 Print this article Print

5. Get Motorola to focus on innovative Chromebooks

Google last year unveiled Chromebooks, but since then, the company has all but ignored the new form factor. Unfortunately, its vendor partners have ignored it, as well. Maybe Motorola can be the company to focus on Chromebooks and resurrect the devices. With one successful launch, Chromebooks could be back on the map.

6. Poach the best talent

One of the nice things about buying a company is having the option to pick through its best talent and bring those folks on board at the parent company. Although Motorola hasn€™t been doing so well, the company has some high-quality talent. Google should find those folks and bring them back to the mothership.

7. Simplify Motorola€™s device lineup

Motorola has been making poor decisions over the last several years by delivering far more devices than necessary. With Google€™s help, the company can now reduce the number of products it sells and focus on the products that have the best chance of being a hit with customers. The fewer, more innovative devices it releases, the better.

8. Layoffs are a double-edged sword

According to TechCrunch, Google is planning to lay off many of Motorola€™s employees after it has a chance to find out where the company can reduce staff. Although layoffs are often used to reduce costs, Google should think twice about them at the moment. The search company really doesn€™t know just yet what it has taken over. It€™s best to find out before jumping for layoffs.

9. Bring back Motorola€™s innovation

Over the years, Motorola has been an innovator in electronics and communications. However, over the last several years, the company has fallen short in market-changing innovation. It€™s about time Google uses its cash and Motorola€™s own investment budgets to bring back significant innovation at the company. Without such innovation, Motorola will never be able to justify the high price Google paid for it.

10. Take the fight to Microsoft

Finally, it€™s worth pointing out that Motorola and Microsoft are currently locked in a bitter patent dispute over the H.264 industry standard. Motorola would like to see Microsoft€™s Xbox 360 and even Windows 7 banned from sale. Although Google could take the high road here and try to move past the lawsuit, it really shouldn€™t. Now is Google€™s chance to go head-to-head with Microsoft. Why not take the chance?

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