Quad-Core Processors Are Essential

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5. 4G networking

Tablets are designed to be mobile. And companies that don't realize that are nearly universally destined to fail. With that in mind, Google should make sure to include 4G networking in its tablet. The move would appeal to both consumers and enterprise users looking to make employees a bit more productive.

6. Dual cameras

Ever since Apple released the iPad 2, complete with both a front- and rear-facing camera, it's become an absolute necessity for competing makers to add them in their tablets. At this point, Google doesn't have much of a choice on offering dual cameras. But if the search giant can bundle a software service, like FaceTime, with its tablet that takes advantage of those cameras, it can go a long way in putting some pressure on Apple.

7. A quad-core processor

In 2012, all the talk in the mobile processor market will be about quad-core processors. Like every other device that will come out next year, including the iPad 3, Google's tablet must feature quad cores. The advanced processor will improve software responsiveness, dramatically increase game-playing quality and possibly put lightweight notebooks on notice.

8. Google's many services built in

If Google is good at anything, it's bundling its many services, including Google Docs, Gmail and Google Music, with its product platforms. In the Google tablet, the company should do the same. As Apple and Amazon have proved with the iPad and Kindle Fire, respectively, customers really like the idea of using the tablet maker's built-in application services. Google has services to scratch every itch. And it should use them in its tablet.

9. Unique designs

Although Sony hasn't been able to carve out a significant portion of the tablet market for itself, the company's S1 and S2 tablets are arguably the most unique slates we've seen yet. The dual-screen clamshell design is especially interesting. That's not to say Google should copy Sony's design, but it would be nice if the search giant could come up with something that's similarly unique. The tablet market is filled with devices that feature a big screen with a small, black bezel. Google should come along and set a new standard for design.

10. Security, security, security

If there has been any black mark on Google's Android platform so far, it has been its security issues. If they get worse in 2012, Google could be in for a world of trouble. But before that happens, the search company should focus heavily on security for its tablet. From the software to the hardware, Google must do everything it can to make its tablet the most secure option on the market. Not doing so would put its tablet-and maybe even its mobile division-in jeopardy.

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