Lack of Mobile Connectivity Is a Major Problem

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-06-28 Print this article Print


5. Where€™s the mobile connectivity?

Today€™s mobile customers want to be able to connect to the Web wherever they are when they€™re using a tablet. So, Google€™s decision to only include WiFi in the device is a major flaw. The addition of 3G and 4G LTE would have been a huge selling point for the device. Instead, it€™s WiFi-only. 

6. It doesn€™t have enough storage

According to Google, its tablet will ship with either 8GB or 16GB of storage. That€™s not enough. In today€™s world of storing movies, television shows and music, plenty of data storage capacity is important to buyers. Even16GB just doesn€™t cut it these days. 

7. The iPad Mini is coming

As noted, Apple€™s iPad is a sales juggernaut in the mobile market. However, there€™s a chance in the coming months that Apple will launch a 7-inch version, known as the iPad Mini. Even though other 7-inch tablets besides the Amazon Kindle have struggled, look for Apple iPad Mini to grab buyers€™ attention and put the Nexus 7 on its heels. 

8. There€™s no need for it

Looking around the mobile market, is there really a need for companies to deliver yet another underpowered 7-inch tablet? Sure, this is Google, which makes it unique, but who cares? The future of the mobile market resides with larger devices yet still highly portable devices that have more power, not smaller products with less-than-optimal components. 

9. Is it too Google-focused?

Although Google has historically been a favorite among consumers, as of late, the company€™s appeal has been waning. The search giant is being criticized for its handling of the privacy policy consolidation and many competition advocates are growing concerned by the market power of its search and advertising businesses. Whether those concerns are warranted or not is up for debate. But the Google name doesn€™t go quite as far as it once did€”especially in markets where the company is lesser known, like hardware. 

10. It€™s not a long-term product

The nice thing with pricing a device at $199 is that it€™ll attract consumers looking for cheap products. But over time, demand will wane when consumers realize that the tablet can€™t satisfy their needs over the long term. Apple€™s iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are designed to provide long-term service. Underpowered 7-inch tablets retailing for $199 are impulse buys. Just ask Amazon.

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