Wish Lists for Nokia, Google and Palm

By J. Gerry Purdy  |  Posted 2010-01-12 Print this article Print

Wish list for Nokia

Nokia is still the leading smartphone seller worldwide, but has almost no market share in the United States. They need to do something to gain the respect back in the United States market that they once enjoyed. I offer a couple of suggestions:

1. I wish that Nokia will expand the device development based on Maemo, along with making the user interface more acceptable to the North American market. This appears to be the easiest way for Nokia to develop smartphones that will be acceptable to the market in North America. It's that or they need to acquire Palm.

2. I recommend that Nokia bring Ovi, the online store and service center, to North America.

Wish list for Google

Google's Android came out of nowhere a year ago to become one of the leading contenders for the smartphone market. While Apple and RIM continue to focus on proprietary, closed systems, Google focuses on open source and building great software. Here are a couple of things that I hope Google will do:

1. I wish that Google would develop an end-to-end digital media store that will be open, provide desktop applications such as iTunes, work with all content providers, and provide both streaming "channels" as well as purchase of music, TV and movies. It would take YouTube up a notch, with a better UI that is friendlier to users, and offers the ability to store and share all of a person's media. The pieces are all there but it's not been brought together into one service.

2. I recommend that the Android team add services and support (such as added security) to serve the enterprise market.

Wish list for Palm

I hope that Palm will continue to create breakthrough smartphone products. They are still struggling to get back into profitability. The new Pre got excellent reviews but they need even better products. For example, one that has a horizontal, slide-out keyboard. Their webOS and support services are developer-friendly. I'm rooting for them. I think their fate will be settled a year from today: they will either be a successful, recovered company or they will likely have been acquired (and likely leveraged to then become very successful).

J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., is Principal Analyst of Mobile & Wireless at MobileTrax LLC.
Dr. Purdy has been covering mobile, wireless, cloud & enterprise for the past 20+ years. He writes analysis and recommendations each week in an easy-to-read manner that helps people better understand important technology issues and assist them in making better technology purchasing decisions.

Disclosure Statement: From time to time, I may have a direct or indirect equity position in a company that is mentioned in a column. If that situation happens, then IÔÇÖll disclose it at that time.

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