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4. Mobile applications: I commend Nokia for creating a comprehensive, online services portal called Ovi that provides a number of service offerings, including contact management, the Ovi Store, Ovi Mail, Calendar and other services. Nokia needs to better organize the applications by category and then promote the more popular ones. I recommend that Nokia bring together a lot of the support you already have for developers (that assists them in creating applications for Nokia smartphones) and make it easy to adapt them to the different operating environments. You could become a leader in providing resources and support tools to enable developers to create a core application and then easily migrate it to other operating system platforms.

5. Media services: It's important that Nokia invest in more media services. While Nokia has significant online media resources, you'll need to build an integrated, rich media service offering like iTunes-with access to media libraries from the major media companies (Disney, Sony, EMI, etc.) that provides easy access to music, TV shows and other entertainment. Consider a partnership with Rhapsody.

6. Analyst relations: You already have a great analyst relations team-one of the best in the industry. My peers love to dialog with Nokia. I think the frustration has been that, in the past, the primary purpose of meeting with the analysts was to give them information rather than to listen to what they might say-and then actually do something based on the feedback. Other vendors with good analyst relations spend a lot of time listening to recommendations and provide feedback on what they did with what was recommended. I personally never felt that, with Nokia, my opinions were ever requested and the things I did recommend were ever taken to heart. Nokia needs to keep tabs on analyst recommendations and what was done to either implement them or not (and why). I'm available to help whenever the process is changed.

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