Presenter No. 3: Jeremy Schneider of McKinsey & Company

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Presenter No. 3: Jeremy Schneider of McKinsey & Company

The third presenter was Jeremy Schneider, Partner in the Telecom Group at McKinsey & Company. He made three predictions: 1) wireless data will be bigger than previously estimated, 2) enterprise will outstrip consumer, and 3) new mobile applications architectures will drive the mobile landscape.

Wireless data estimates from 2009 through 2012 all seem to be low, according to McKinsey & Company. They believe that the usage will turn out 17 times that of 2009, but he pointed out that it could be over 20 times if tablets' popularity surges, the iPhone goes into all operators and mobile video takes off.

Presenter No. 4: Jorge Fuenzalida of inCode Telecom Group

The fourth presenter was Jorge Fuenzalida, Vice President and General Manager at inCode Telecom Group, a division of Ericsson. He gave three predictions for 2011: 1) TV will be everywhere, 2) tablets will outstrip netbooks, and 3) there will be a new "gold rush" in rural wireless broadband.

Jorge's first prediction is that TV is migrating from its traditional sources to being distributed over the Internet-over the wireless networks as well as traditional cable. New distributors such as Hulu and Netflix and new players such as Google will provide TV services in new ways and to new users-with mobile users benefiting from all of the development.

Jorge also believes that tablet sales will exceed netbook sales before the end of 2012. In a way, this is part of a morphing of the netbook as a number of manufacturers are just converting their netbook architectures to a tablet-centric architecture (where the logic is put behind the display instead of behind the keyboard). Also, many tablet manufacturers are producing easy-to-use keyboards that will make the new tablets work even better in keyboard mode (due to the better keyboards than you find in a netbook today).

The most important issue about netbooks versus tablets is that tablet manufacturers are incorporating mobile operating systems into these devices rather than desktop systems such as Windows. I'm sure there will be some Windows-based tablets in the market but, as of now, the tablets coming to market use the Apple iOS and Android.

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