Android Handsets: EVO, Galaxy Epic and Xperia X10

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Android handsets: EVO, Galaxy Epic and Xperia X10

I recently spent some time with three Android handsets: the HTC EVO, the Samsung Galaxy Epic (running on Sprint), and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 (running on AT&T). All three of these devices are impressive when you consider what phones could do just a few years ago.

I was most impressed with the Sense user interface enhancements that HTC developed. The "alarm clock"-style flipping time (hours and minutes) is very comfortable, but what's most impressive is that when the weather changes to, for example, stormy, the display immediately shows clouds and lightening. Very clever. The layout of the screens and the intuitive navigation are impressive. The EVO has a cool industrial design and feels very comfortable in your hand. It is very thin because it doesn't have a built-in keyboard. After reviewing three Android units, I vote for this as my personal favorite.

Sony Ericsson, while not demonstrating a particularly impressive top-screen user interface, has two impressive custom additions to the Android environment in the Xperia X10: Timescape and Mediascape.

Timescape brings together all of your social interactions automatically in what Sony Ericsson calls their User Experience Platform (UXP). Timescape displays your latest e-mail messages, text messages and social media alerts for various contacts in a design that resembles a stacked deck of cards. It's easy to flip through your contacts or messages.

Mediascape brings together all your media, with access to significant entertainment assets from Sony. Mediascape focuses on music, video and photos. It assists in organizing them and lets you quickly skim through your library to find what you like to see or play. This reminds me of what Motorola is trying to do with Motoblur.

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