New Displays, Wireless Hot Spots and High-Resolution Cameras

By J. Gerry Purdy  |  Posted 2010-10-06 Print this article Print

New displays, wireless hot spots and high-resolution cameras

The Samsung Galaxy Epic clearly has the brightest and most dramatic display. They use a new technology called active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED). I suspect we'll see more such displays in other handsets before long. The Galaxy Epic is too thick and heavy compared with the other Android models since it includes a slide-out, landscape-style keyboard. I used to think that real keyboards were necessary in smartphones because of so much prior use with BlackBerry phones. But I found the keyboards somewhat difficult to use, and the weight over the combined phone and keyboard simply too much to bear.

Both the EVO and the Galaxy Epic provide a wireless hot spot which works, but isn't as elegant as the solution provided by Connectify (a MobileTrax client), which is coming out soon with an Android version. All of these devices seemed to pose more sensitivity to the screen being touched by my hand-which resulted in the unit jumping around to areas I didn't want to see. Apple's capacitive touch-screen doesn't react to random hand placements.

All of the three Android phones I tested included high-resolution cameras that are just about good enough to no longer bother taking along a separate digital camera. These smartphone cameras include (typically) five megapixels, autofocus and flash.

Android doesn't provide a clean solution to auto sync contacts and calendars to Outlook. Android wants to push you toward Gmail, which is fine if that's all you use. If not, you have to find a third party to do it. The folks at Funambol have an open-source solution that can sync Outlook to hundreds of devices. Google intends to provide more enterprise support in future releases to enable Android to have full IT support (Exchange, security, remote device management, and applications deployment and control).

J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., is Principal Analyst of Mobile & Wireless at MobileTrax LLC.
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