Keeping Siri Running Requires Constant Attention

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5. There's always the chance of bricking

The biggest problem with fiddling with an iPhone is that it can sometimes result in permanently disabling the device. Getting Siri onto the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS takes technical know-how that the average consumer simply doesn't have. After just one wrong move, users might be left holding a very expensive brick. That's not a good thing.

6. Who knows how Apple will respond?

So far, Apple has stayed mum on whether or not it will fight back against those running Siri on older-model iPhones. However, when the company left an opening in iOS 5.0.1 by making RAM disks unencrypted, it quickly responded with a fix. With that move, Apple seemed to say in its own way that it doesn't want people hacking old iPhones to run Siri. It might not be too long before Apple responds by closing this loophole.

7. Alternatives re already available

The nice thing about Siri is that it isn't unique. In fact, users who sift through Apple's App Store will find a host of applications that support voice control, including Vlingo and Dragon Go, among several others. They might not be Siri, but they're awfully close. And it's worth trying them out before hacking the iPhone.

8. Legality is a real concern

At what point does Siri hacking stop being legal? That's the question any consumer trying to get the service onto their iPhone needs to ask. As noted, in order for Siri to work on an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, users must make Apple think the device is actually an iPhone 4S. The only way to do that is to get iPhone 4S tokens from someone else's device. Simply put, there are real legal concerns to bringing Siri to the iPhone. Users should keep that in mind.

9. It requires constant attention

Interestingly, Apple regenerates iPhone 4S tokens every 24 hours. So to keep Siri running on their jailbroken iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, they'll need to get a new token each day. Running Siri on an old iPhone takes a lot of work and dedication.

10. Chances are, support will be coming

In the past, Apple has brought new features to a single device only to make it available to other products over time. Chances are the company will do the same with Siri in 2012. The personal assistant will first make its way to the iPad 3 and then the iPhone 5. By then, Apple might also offer it on the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. And, by then, it might be time to work with your carrier to get a deal on an upgrade to the iPhone 4S. Have a little patience. Siri is coming one way or another.

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