Enterprise Mobility: Jobs Uses iPad 2 Event to Tout Apple Advantages over Google, Amazon

By Clint Boulton  |  Posted 2011-03-09 Print this article Print


The original iPad sold more than 15 million units in 2010, prompting Jobs to claim that Apple had 90 percent of the tablet market. Some analysts quibble on this large figure, but most agree Apple has at least 80 percent share to this date. If that's not a competitive advantage we don't know what is. Devil's advocates will say it's the early days yet and the ceiling for tablet unit sales remains high, giving HP, RIM, and Microsoft Windows 7 and Android tablet makers time to catch up.
Apple's iPad 2 unveiling March 2 may not have captured the sort of attention the initial iPad launch did last year, but it did provide a showcase for not only just how successful the iPad itself has been, but how proficient Apple has proven when bringing out mobile hardware and software to the market overall. Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who returned from a medical leave of absence to present the thinner, lighter iPad 2 with its faster A5 processor and dual cameras, tore into the competition with his usual gusto. Jobs made some convincing arguments for why Apple is doing so well and why it will continue to succeed in the market versus Google's Android platform and the mobile hardware partners that profit from it. The arguments are supported by statistics, which eWEEK highlights below in this slideshow. The important thing to remember is that Apple's iPhone had a monster lead in U.S. smartphone market share over Android a year ago. But now Android handsets have outsold iPhone handsets due to the sheer choice of more than 100 Android handsets blanketing the market from manufacturers and carriers. The question is whether Android tablets will proliferate in the market the way Android handsets have.

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