Security, Apps Availability Key Apple Advantages

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-03-10 Print this article Print

5. Think seriously about 4G.

When Apple unveiled the Verizon iPhone, some had hoped that the device would connect to the carrier's 4G network. Unfortunately, it doesn't. But considering 4G is growing at a rapid rate, AT&T is expected to extensively roll out its own 4G service this year. Since customers are intrigued by the possibility of the ultra-high-speed service, Apple should think seriously about supporting it in upcoming products. It would make the company's next-generation devices all the more appealing.

6. Talk about Android's security problems.

Recently, Google was forced to remove more than 50 applications from the Android Market after it was revealed that they contained malware. The issue caused Android to once again take center stage in the ongoing battle between cyber-criminals and mobile-device users. If Apple wants to maintain dominance in the mobile market, it needs to make the mainstream more aware of Android's potential security problems. Along the way, it can try and claim that its platform is more secure. Is iOS really more secure than Android? That's up for debate. But Apple thinks it is. And it needs to say why.

7. Make the disparity in apps clear.

At the March 2 event showcasing the new iPad 2, Apple CEO Steve Jobs pointed out some staggering statistics. He told those in attendance that the iPad currently has over 65,000 applications available to owners. Android-based tablets, on the other hand, have only 100 applications that can be run. Going forward, Apple must use that huge discrepancy to show why it believes the iPad 2 offers more value than the competition. Such a plan could help it cement the tablet's position as the dominant force in its market.

8. Make FaceTime a key component in advertising.

Although several devices on the market allow for video conferencing, Apple's option could be one of the most compelling services in that space. After all, it lets users communicate over WiFi between iPhones, iPads and Macs. With any luck at all, the functionality will be available over 3G (or 4G) in the iPhone 5. Considering Apple has been able to extend the usability of FaceTime to so many places, and video conferencing is something that many people in the mainstream would likely get behind, the hardware company needs to make it a key component in its advertising going forward. It might just be more important to its future success than some believe.

9. Keep the same release schedule.

Part of Apple's success in the mobile market has been its predictability. For years now, the company has offered a new iPhone once every year around the same time. It's now doing the same with the iPad. If Apple can keep that schedule going while continuing to offer meaningful updates each time, the company will go a long way in securing its position as the top force in the mobile market.

10. Maintain the lead on design.

Let's face it: Apple is the best company in the business when it comes to product design. Its iPad 2 is gorgeous. The same can be said for the iPhone. When those products are compared to others, it's hard to find any other device that can compete with them. But if Apple gives up the design lead, its position of dominance will be lost. It will look like every other company in the market. If Apple maintains the lead on design, it will also maintain the lead in the mobile market


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