Never Text While Driving, Forgo Security Practices

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6. Text while driving

If mobile phone owners aren't calling while driving, they certainly shouldn't be allowed to text message others while driving. In the age of touch screens, texting while driving requires a person's attention to be on the phone, so they can see which characters they're pressing. And when doing so, they aren't focusing on the road. That's practically suicidal.

7. Forgo standard security practices readily followed on desktops

If someone were on a Windows PC, they wouldn't click on a dangerous link from a social network and wouldn't browse to unsafe sites. They also wouldn't try to open emails from people they don't know. Yet, because mobile operating systems are widely viewed as secure, they do just that on smartphones. They shouldn't.

8. Access corporate email from unsecured networks

Earlier, we said users shouldn't share personal information over unsecured networks. But it goes beyond that. Corporate email is accessible from mobile devices nowadays, and in many cases, it includes important enterprise data. Because of that, cyber-criminals are always spying on unsecured networks in an attempt to steal that data. Beware.

9. Share location information when away from home

With services like Foursquare and Facebook Places becoming quite popular this year, more and more people share their location information from their mobile devices. All too often, though, they end up telling people when they are not at home. If the wrong person sees that, those folks might come home to a ransacked house. Location services are great, but they shouldn't be used so often.

10. Choose the wrong service plan

Too often, people get into service plans with carriers and pay too much. Some folks think they won't use their smartphones nearly as much as they actually do and pay huge sums when they exceed plan limits. Other times, they think they're going to use them more than they do and end up paying more than they would if they had a lesser plan. Carriers construct service plans to cost users money, but that doesn't mean customers have to fall for the trap.

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